Bits & Pieces

As well as providing a professional locksmith and security service, Darwin Lock and Key also provides its expertise on a range of unusual requests.

Our team are used to dealing with moving extremely heavy safes, often in confined spaces. This expertise, coupled with our purpose-built equipment, has seen Darwin Lock and Key contracted to manage the moving and installation of many varied items.

We have moved large industrial ovens and marble bathtubs and many other items on sites where cranes and forklifts cannot be used. Our equipment can handle huge weights, but with minimal lift heights making it ideal for use in existing structures and rooms with limited access.

So, if you need experts in safely moving and lifting small heavy objects why not give us a call.

On the left is one of our more unusual jobs - moving a 2.5 tonne marble bathtub with our team of locksmiths Ben Simmon, Oresti Rakkas, Hank Dodd and Terry Volgyesi providing the expertise.