Access Control

We recommend and install the Salto Access Control systems and Salto virtual networks.

Whether you need to control 10 or 10,000 doors, Salto offers a scalable, innovative and user-friendly system using encrypted RFID technology to secure your corporate environment.

Salto access control systems offer many solutions for user identification such as:
  • Card swipes
  • Wrist bands
  • Watches
  • ID cards
  • Key fobs
  • Key tags
Salto — Top-Brand Safes in Coconut Grove, NT
Salto systems offer a wire-free, stand-alone door access control system for everything from lockers to door hardware. Salto also offers what they call an SVN (Salto Virtual Network) which uses "hot spots" to update carriers cards allowing changes to be made to access requirements and to block a card that is simply lost or stolen.

Salto's range of access control management tools are easy to use so you can quickly edit new user keys, cancel old keys and monitor and read user data in real-time with just a touch of a button. This smart system allows updating without the need to update each door lock individually or having access to each card to update details. This means changes can be made easily without the user knowing.

For more information on the Salto virtual network visit their site here