Key Systems

We can provide a range of key cabinets to securely hold from 20 to 5000 keys with keypad access, swipe card access with audit trails, single key and dual key access systems. We can supply and code most makes and models of transponder keys and we can also code most remotes for cars, roller doors, sliding doors and some car alarms.

Restricted Key Systems

Lock Parts — Security Specialist in Coconut Grove, NT
We offer a range of restricted key systems, which can give your home or business a high level of security. Restricted key systems give you piece-of-mind when it comes to the security of your premises.

Restricted key systems offer key control, which means no one else can have a key unless authorised. Even copies are restricted and only authorised locksmiths who have been supplied with appropriate forms and photo identification can make copies of restricted keys.

Darwin Lock and Key offer three restricted systems:
  • BiLock Restricted Master Key Systems
  • Abloy Protec
  • Abloy Protec Cliq

BiLock Restricted Master Key Systems

BiLock — Security Specialist in Coconut Grove, NT
BiLock Restricted key systems are a state of the art u-shaped key protected by restricted dealers and legal security. BiLock is a mechanical restricted key system with colour-coded heads with 8000 different combinations. BiLock is pick, bump and impression resistant.

BiLock keys are SCEC (Security Construction and Equipment Committee) approved for secure area applications and can be used in conjunction with Salto Access Control Systems, in which case a micro-encrypted RFID chip is built into the head.

BiLock Restricted keys are used in homes, commercial offices, by government departments, by the Department of Defence and the Australian Defence Force. BiLock are at the forefront of restricted keying systems and offer a highly restricted keying system, providing you with the control to protect you home or business and family at an affordable price.

Abloy Protec

Abloy — Security Specialist in Coconut Grove, NT
Abloy Protec provides a long lasting physical and legal protection against unauthorised key reproduction. Abloy Protec is a full metal, colour-coded key, and it is recognised for its physical security as well as its durability. Abloy Protec is recognised as the premium high security mechanical locking system in the security industry, and it is used extensively by private, commercial, government departments, Department of Defence as well as the Australian Defence Force - all of whom demand the ultimate in high security master key systems.

Abloy Protec is SCEC endorsed for secure area applications, the strong one-piece metal key minimises the chance of breakages through wear and tear and prevents ongoing key replacements. The absence of pins and springs used in the cylinder provides unmatched resistance to wear and tear and corrosion of internal parts.

Abloy Protec is distributed through a highly restricted dealer network of locksmiths who represent the highest level of professionalism and ethics in the industry.

Abloy Protec Cliq

Protec Cliq — Security Specialist in Coconut Grove, NT
Abloy Protec Cliq is a new keying platform for Australia. Abloy Protec Cliq is a combination of the already successful and proven SCEC approved Abloy Protec and the newly developed Cliq technology, that was developed in Sweden by Assa Abloy's research and development engineers.

With no wiring required this new keying system can replace existing mechanical key systems. Offering the functionality of access control systems and a restricted key system at just a fraction of the price of conventional hard-wired systems.

Abloy Protec Cliq's intelligent cylinder system presents a hybrid electromechanical locking system, which combines the reliability of superior mechanical keys and cylinders with the programming sophistication and flexibility of Cliq technology.

Key Cabinets

Different Keys — Security Specialist in Coconut Grove, NT
If you're after a key cabinet, then look no further than Darwin Lock and Key. Key cabinets allow you to store multiple keys securely and they come with a range of additional options to keep your keys organised with easy identification and display. Key cabinets provide a simple and effective way to keep track of "out keys" with control tags to record information on loaned keys.

We stock a range of key cabinets including quality HPC Key Cabinets for almost any budget. Our range starts from 20 key capacity up to 5000 with options including:
  • Single key operation
  • Dual key operation
  • Digital pads
  • Swipe cards with audit trails

Transponder Keys / Cars Keys & Door Remotes

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Darwin Lock and Key also provide transponder keys (including car keys with a vehicle-immobiliser system fitted into the head of the car key) and remote service.

If you have ever needed a replacement car key fitted with a vehicle immobiliser and transponder system then you will know that buying replacement car keys from the car dealership is very expensive. We can duplicate car keys for most makes and models of vehicles at affordable prices including transponder key programming.

We can also quickly and easily code most remotes for garage doors, roller doors, sliding doors and some car alarms while you wait. If you have lost your remote and would like to prevent your old remote from being used, we can come to your site and program a new one for you.